Stefano Germi was born in Prato, Italy, in 1969. He has been working in photography since he was teenager using a 35mm camera.
He studied music but didn't finish the study.
Mostly self-taught, a part the basic that his father taught him. He attended the Tuscany Photographic Workshop where he studied the Zone System with Willie Osterman and Black and White Print Basic and Advance techniques with Jim Megargee.
He began teaching black and white darkroom technique, in his own workshop in various photographic clubs.

He started using large format with a 4x5", using it for some years, when he attended an Andrea Modica's workshop, where Stefano was fascinated by 8x10" camera.
After the workshop, he decided to use this format, but he was a bit worried about it, he completely changed his idea when he visited an Edward Weston's exhibition, where he discovered a new photographic method.
Stefano decided to spend less time teaching at workshop, to dedicate himself to making photographs.
He bought a 8x10" view camera, photographing exclusively with it, committed himself to contact print.

This new adventure allowed to him to meet during the workshop "Vision and Technique" Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee, a master of contact print, showing them his works and they were astonished by my "Graffiti"(Murales).
Later he added a 8x20" camera.
His works has been showed in lots of exhibition in Italy and other countries. Most recently, he had finished his Graffiti project, that it's going to become a book for the Lodima Press.

Now he started to get the base of a new landscape project, where he decided to use also color, and a project about Chinese's family in my city.


My idea of photography it's quite simple, see with the eyes, feel with heart. When I release the shutter I fixed through my camera what I saw and I felt.

We are surrounded by beauty, and I believe in beauty.
In landscape, stones, nudes, portrait as well as graffiti, details, in all subject is hidden, and I am just starting to discover it.


Group Exhibition

2017 - Galleria Park Hotel - Cassano D'Adda- Milano
2016 - Blu in Italy - Galerie Photo-Originale- Paris
2015 - Fragile - Hand with care - Catania
2015 - Biennale Fotografia anno 0
2013 - Metamorfosi - Galleria Bonci - Pietrasanta(Italia)
2010 - Middlesex Cancer Center - Large Format Benefit - New England (Usa)
2009 - Analog Photo day - Hall Expo du Crus - Clermont Ferrand (Francia)
2008 - Darkroom Gallery - Manchester New Hampshire(Usa)
2004 - Caffè Teatro - Collettiva Autori Pratesi - Prato (Italia)
2001 - Saletta Ambra - Collettiva - Poggio a Caiano (Italia)
1999 - Macelli Pubblici - Collettiva Autori Pratesi - Prato (Italia)

Solo Exhibition

2012 - Rosso - Manifestazione Rosso Belvedere - Lizzano in Belvedere (Italia)
2002 - Porfolio 1 Nudo - Camarillo Jazz Club - Prato (Italia)


2009-2015 - Workshop Contact - Prato (Italia)


2009 - Articolo Pirogallolo -
2005 - Fotografia "Radici"- Gente di Gaggio - Modena (Italia)


2016 - Catalogo Artisti Italiani
2015 - Catalogo Biennale di Fotografia Anno 0
2015 - Catalogo Fragile - Hand with Care


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