NO More Workshop Contact

How I wrote the Workshop Contact won't be proposed anymore. I got this suffered decision after I understand there is too many teachers and little photographers.
Thanks for understanding.
if someone want to know my technique(contact print, developing by inspection) Please send me a Message I will be happy to share my technique to you.

Contact is a workshop that explore the base of contact print and developing by inspection.

The workshop runs from Saturday morning to late Sunday Afternoon.
The workshop will be begin an Saturday morning a 9.30 am, going to the darkroom for a contact print demonstration. I demonstrate my print technique and the apply to negative you have bring with you. Bring your difficult one, or one you don't have print yet.
I do this with negatives that do not need to be enlarged.
After lunch we go out to demonstrate how I use my camera. During the demonstration I work with each person individually. Although I use an 8x10" camera for this demonstration, this is valuable also for all other format. You can bring your camera.
After dinner together will speak each other about the experience of the day, I show you up my prints and you yours.

Sunday morning we go back to darkroom, where I get a developing by inspection demonstration. There will not be time to develop your own negatives.
After lunch I also show you how to mount a print and spotting both prints and negatives.

The workshop is open to all format, even if is more targeted to large format, that they want to learn the base of contact print and developing by inspection.
For the workshop are need some negatives to print, better in large format, and a 10 finished print.

The cost of the workshop is € 250,00 including meals.
The overnight is not included.(I can send you address of cheaper hotels.

Deposit of € 100,00 is required and not refundable. The remaining workshop fee € 150,00 is due not then 60 days before the beginning of workshop. In case of cancellation it will refunded up to 30 days before the workshop. Other that time it will refunded only if I can find a replacement participant.

The workshop is limited to 5 people.(minimum 2 people)

It's possible to have a private workshop, the cost is € 350,00 included meals, also in this case overnight is not included.
The workshop is in Italian, but in case I can use English.

To partecipare fill the form freccia-3


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