In my photographic work I look for a great quality, and this property I want convey to those who buy my work.

Each black and white print is printed by me personally, by contact from large format negatives(4x10"-8x10"-8x20"), on silver-chloride paper developed in Amidol.
The print is treated with a double fix, and vired in selenium.
After a bath to clean the print from hyposulfite, the print is washed in a professional print washer for about one hour.
After the end of washing the print is passed in a bath of silver stabilization, so that print is virtually eternal.

Each print is dried mounted on ©ARTCARE 2ply 100% cotton with Microchamber Technology board, definitely one of the best support for Fine Art Print, for a perfect conservation.
With the same board is created the passe-partout.
Each print is numbered and signed on the back and signed on the front.

Being contact prints, do not provide enlargement, then the prints have are the same size of negative.

4x10" = 10,1 x 25,4 cm
8x10" = 20,3 x 25,4 cm
8x20" = 20,3 x 50,8 cm

I can provide for some works, on demand, large prints, printed on baryta fiber paper and professional printed by inkjet, also in this case, each print is certificated to be archival.

My color prints are printed on baryta fiber paper, with professional inkjet printer, or by Lambda on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper.

The prints and the negative scans are made by professional laboratory.

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