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about me story exhibition
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Hi, my name is Stefano Germi and I have been taking photos for a bit of time. I was born in 1969 in Prato, and since I was 9 I m delighted with photography. It was my father, who gave me his Olympus om-1, and since then I never stopped photographing with ups and downs.

I begin my study of photography with my father, who taught me the basics, as an excellent photographer he is. Afterwards, I continue as a self-taught until I start attending TPW workshop(Toscana Photographic workshop)

I studied with Willie Osterman the Zone system, with James Megargee basic and advance darkroom techniques and with Andrea Modica photography of nude. These experiences will greatly increase my culture and photographic vision. Especially after the workshop with Andrea Modica, who advises me to use large format, the 8×10″ format, to which later I will also next to 8×20″

I started teaching photography, especially printing, in various photo clubs. But after visiting two exhibitions by Edward Weston and Paula Strand, I decided that I will dedicate myself to large format photography and contact printing. This new road will take me to meet Michael A.Smith and Paula Chamlee, two masters in contact printing, during the “Vision and Technique” workshop. Michael and Paula are impressed by my work on the Murales and I m offered to publish a book with their own publishing house.

Stefano is a gifted photographer. His highly accomplished photographs, his intelligence, and his attention to all details in his work makes him a true professional and exceptional talent. I highly recommend him for any photographic work.

Paula Chamlee, photographer and publisher, owner at Smith-Chamlee Photography


Currently I have finished the Murales project, and I have begun the work of pre-publishing the book. I published a little book with Blurb called the Instagram Series of Mobile Phone Only Photos, and I’m working on a second volume.
Always continuing my research in black and white and large format, and the teaching of contact printing and inspection development.

about me story exhibition
Stefano and his folding 8×10″


My photographic idea is rather simple, too see with the eyes, to see with the heart. When I release the shutter I fix what I have seen and heard. We are surrounded by beauty, and I believe in beauty. Landscape, stones, nudes, portraits, all hide their own beauty and have just begun to discover it.

Stefano is a dedicated and talented Italian photographer. He uses his view camera to address his concerns for issues that directly effect his city of Prato and his country.

Tom Shillea, photographer at Thomas Shillea Platinum Photographs


Collective Exhibition
  • 2022 – Visuali Italiane – Roonee 247 Fine Art Gallery – Tokyo (Japan)
  • 2022 – Fondo Malerba per la Fotografia – Summer Show 2022 – Milano
  • 2017 – Galleria Park Hotel – Cassano D’Adda – Milan -Italy
  • 2016 – Blu in Italy – Galerie Photo-Originale – Paris-France
  • 2015 – Fragile – Hand with Care – Catania – Italy
  • 2015 – Biennale Fotografica anno 0 – Trezzo sull’Adda-Italy
  • 2013 – Metamorfosi – Galleria Bonci – Pietrasanta-(Lucca)-Italy
  • 2010 – Middlesex Cancer Center – Large Format Benefit – New England-USA
  • 2009 – Analog Photo day – Hall Expo du Cus – Clermont Fernand-France
  • 2008 – Darkroom Gallery – Manchester New Hampshire-USA
  • 2004 – Caffè Teatro – Collettiva Autori Pratesi – Prato-Italy
  • 2001 – Saletta Ambra – Collettiva Autori – Poggio a Caiano-Italy
  • 1999 – Macelli Pubblici – Collettiva Autori Pratesi – Prato-Italy
Solo Exhibition
  • 2012 – Rosso – Manifestazione Rosso Belvedere – Lizzano in Belvedere-Italy
  • 2002 – Portfolio 1 – Nudo – Camarillo Jazz Club – Prato-Italy
  • 2020 – #Instagram Series – Self Published
  • 2016 – Catalogo Artisti Italiani
  • 2015 – Catalogo Biennale di Fotografia anno 0
  • 2015 – Catalogo Fragile – Hand with Care
  • 2021 – Shots to Tell Vol. 4 – 7 images of the serie Walking in the Cities – Photoproject Pro
  • 2009 – Articolo sul Pirogallolo – Fotoavventure.it
  • 2005 – Fotografia “Radici” – Gente di Gaggio – Modena-Italy
  • 2009-2019 – Workshop Contact – Prato-Italy

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