Almost Pictorialism. A different digital Black&White.

Almost Pictorialism. A different digital black and white.
Nono on the Path_Monteferrato_Prato_2021

When I took this photo, my wife and I were walking along a path in the Monteferrato di Prato park. A place that I love to photograph for its wild and bare nature.

While we were walking, savoring the first warm rays of a warm late April sun. My eyes notes a small path, which went into a part of the pine forest, I liked the light that made the grass bright and shiny.

I had to take a picture …

I felt the almost visceral need to shoot … and so I did ..

I asked my wife to walk the path, to the point where the path intersected with another. I liked that in some way her figure blocked the observer’s eye in some way.

The image was taken with a Hasselblad X 1 DII + 45mm, then converted to Black and White.

I felt the need to have an image, not perfect, a little dirty, and so I did. By slightly correcting the optics, and adding evident vignetting. Although I have always been a “straight” photographer, here I felt the need for an image with a feeling of almost pictorialism.

And so I tried to give that feeling by working with Phocus. I didn’t work heavily on the file, but I played with a few cursors and a good job on the Lumia curves.

Trying to get to what was presented in my head, and slowly I was able to put on what I wanted.

And at the end…

I waited a few days before approving this finished shot, as I do for any type of print, then I decided and I honestly like it.

Maybe it’s a little different from my normal photographs, more ethereal, less precise, but still a shot that excites me. For the place, the light and the interpretative diversity that I normally use in my vision.

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