Color Diary

First Week

My desire for photographic research pushed me after years to face a new and interesting journey. My photographic training in all these years has been exclusively in black and white. But with time I have become increasingly approached to try to understand and find out what we normally see, the color.

We take it for granted, being a part of our life. It is precisely for this reason that I started to face this new path for me. Color surrounds us, we see in color, and this is its objective difficulty in order not to fall into the banal.

In this first week of color photographs. I tried to shape the color, according to my taste, still completely immature. Let’s not fool ourselves, color is difficult, extremely more difficult than black and white.

The two photographs I post here are simple, but somehow they have an “idea” of what I see in color. What I’m looking for now in color photography, certainly the shape. I don’t think I have succeeded yet but its research exalts me.

I like in this photo, the color match, of Le pical blue and the water pipe, for a shape relationship given by the color.

Le pical - Prato- 2019
color photography for my diary a my vision.
Hasselblad X1D II - 45 mm
Le pical – Prato- 2019

This second photo is designed as a Panorama, I liked this coloration that the sun gave to the tips of these dry plants. In this photograph I really find what I have seen and heard. Reality, absolutely not, but color interpretation, wrong or not, my vision.

color photography for my diary a my vision.senza titolo- Prato 2019
Hasselblad X1DII - 45mm
senza titolo- Prato 2019

I’m happy with these two first photos, certainly nothing special, but a beginning of a visual and study journey that will lead me to explore new possibilities. This is my first week of the color diary, many photos discarded, but with at least two giving birth to a first viewing.

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