Unexpected Landscape Color Diary

Unexpected Landscape

Color Diary second part

When I started shooting in color digitally, my desire for photography returned to the excitement you get as a child when you have a new toy in your hands.

The world that I used to see only in black and white, opened up to new horizons and ideas, and this photographic idea was born during a walk. And it is precisely for these new discoveries that I started writing my diary in color.

Near where I live there is a place, Monteferrato, a protected area of great naturalistic value, which despite its proximity, I had never taken into consideration photographically. Here Unexpected Landscape began to take shape.

What is Unexpected landscape, an idea, a moment, an unexpected place. I like the idea that a landscape you know can surprise you with something new.

Something that changes the perception of that place, the light, the place, an event. An unexpected change of a place, familiar or not.

Unexpected Landscape
First photo of Unexpected landscape Project

Because I took this photo, some dead trees and a blue sky, simply because that familiar place, where as a child I went with my grandfather and my sister for a snack, opened to my eyes in a different way. These dead trees that like skeletons still stand in the landscape, in this lunar place, almost as if to say I am not dead, are here to remind you that I was there, and they are still there in a different way.

The color of the rocks, between red and orange and a little green, created an emotion in my mind, a vision of a landscape. That same day I also took another photograph, which reminds me a little of the sumi-e ink drawings.

Unexpected Landscape Color Diary
Unexpected landscape_Prato 2020 an idea of Sumi-e ink

Obviously it’s not a real sumi-e ink, but I like this idea, a rather pronounced backlight, which highlighted the very movement of the trees. As well as the light dots of the clouds, which almost followed the very design of the silhouette. This too is an unexpected landscape for me.

But it won’t get boring

This is one thing I wondered, won’t such a monotonous landscape be boring in the end. Yes, I think so, but this place will still be a place where I will go to take pictures. To be combined with unexpected landscapes from other places. the idea of expanding the project occurred to me one Sunday morning, when a small fire in the gardens near me gave me an idea.

giardino di via Baracca incendio
Unexpected Landscape_Prato 2020

It was love at first sight, here is a landscape. Defining the landscape is not easy, but I think this is part of it. Every day I see this tree, summer, winter, and frankly it’s boring. But that day the place had changed, it was perfect, that single tree finally had something new, unexpected.

The project has just started, and it will take me a little time to finish it, but I like the idea of discovering and rediscovering the landscape.

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