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Contact is my workshop, which explores the basic of contact print and developing by inspection. The workshop is so structured. It will start on Saturday morning around 9:30 and end on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm.

Saturday morning will be dedicated to contact print on silver-chloride paper and developed in amidol, normally, if possible, I prefer to print the negatives of participants. After lunch, we will go to a nearby area for a large format viewing demonstration. In the evening after dinner, we can exchange opinions and experiences of the day just passed. We look and talk about your and mine prints.

On Sunday morning I will demonstrate how to develop by inspection with pyrogallol developer. How to develop large format negative in tray determining the development time by inspection with a green light. After lunch, we will talk about the retouching of print and negative, and we will mount a print on mat board with a dry press.

Me in darkroom
In Darkroom

The workshop is open to all format, although is mainly addressed to photographers who use large format and want to have a different approach, technical and creative. For the workshop, you need some negatives to print, preferably in large format, want and at least a dozen prints of your work.

The cost of the workshop is € 250,00 including meals and the material we will use during the workshop. Accommodation is not included. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 5 people(minimum 2people). It is possible to have a private workshop one to one always to days. The cost of the private workshop is € 350,00 including meals and materials. The price does not include accommodation. To register for the workshop Last Session, fill in the form below, you will receive the confirmation and all information about it.

With great regret I will no longer provide the Contact Workshop, I see that after the pandemic the interest is now almost zero and therefore the last chance is the September workshop.




    With great regret, I announce the stop to the workshop of contact printing on silver chloride paper, and of development by inspection. It was a painful but necessary choice.

    Here I thank all the students who have passed, and who have been fascinated by this technique, and I also thank them for the beautiful friendship that has been created with many of them.

    Many thanks to all.

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